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We have created an easy to use online three 60 degree feedback system to support organisations and individuals to find out from people they provide services to about the quality of service received. Our system enables organisations to easily gather multiple opinions about their workersí performance from the people that matter. Feedback can be about an individualís performance or the performance of a group or team of people. Three 60 degree feedback enables the people in receipt of services to influence what individual and organisational development needs are required so that training budgets and plans can be focused in areas that will make a difference to their customersí experience.

We can provide you with questions and statements from our template or you can design your own. It is highly recommended that you three 60 your managers first so they are sensitive to the process and to make sure they are supported and skilled in giving constructive feedback that leads to positive motivation and development. Three 60 can be a delicate process but we will provide you with an implementation guidance document so you can consider what you need to do to successfully implement three 60. We can also provide professionally qualified support to train your managers prior to implementation or we can provide feedback and development coaching if required

If you integrate three 60 degree feedback and customer surveys into your performance management systems, you can use the results to encourage development and continual improvement. When dealing with complaints and disciplinary situations workers cannot dispute their performance where clear evidence exists.

Our three 60 degree feedback system can be used in several different ways:
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Three 60 degree feedback for individuals

The manager and individual agree who the relevant people are to provide feedback on the individualís performance. People giving feedback should be knowledgeable about the individualís work. These could be customers, colleagues, peers and their manager as well as feedback from the individual themselves to benchmark their perception against the feedback results. Feedback is usually given confidentially unless the person feeding back has given their permission for their specific feedback to be shared.

This is one of the most common ways of using three 60 and is a powerful motivator for change and improvement. Managers giving feedback must be skilled in motivating individuals to make sure this is a positive and empowering experience for workers. Negative feedback results must be handled sensitively and balanced with positive results particularly as individuals tend to focus on negative feedback. Individual three 60 is great for checking individualís perceptions about their performance with other peoples. Feedback is an excellent way to create evidence that improvement and development is required but it can also identify workers who deserve praise and have the potential to progress further.
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Team three 60 degree feedback

Organisations can appoint a steering group to decide who are the relevant people to provide feedback group performance. A group can be a small team providing the same service or a large team providing different services. The smaller the group and narrower the function, the more effective the results are likely to be. With larger groups, it is much harder to identify which individuals need development and results can sometimes show as average which balances excellent and poor feedback. However, clear poor results in one or more subjects can identify priority development areas for a whole team or organisation which is useful if questions and statements are based around an organisationís priorities or their customersí requirements.

People giving feedback should be knowledgeable about the teamís work. These can be customers, colleagues, peers and the managers of the individuals in the team. You also need the steering group to provide feedback as a benchmark of their perception against the feedback results. Feedback is usually given confidentially unless the person feeding back has given their permission for their specific feedback to be shared.
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Customer Surveys

These are set up almost identically to team three 60 degree feedback. The only difference being that they only generally seek the opinions of customers. Customers can be internal or external to your organisation or both depending on the role of the service or team sending out the survey.

Customer surveys provide information from the people experiencing the service and can be a powerful tool not just for current service levels and development but also to gain an understanding of the direction in which the customers want the services to move towards. Feedback is usually given confidentially to encourage customers to be open and honest in their responses.
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Employee Attitude Surveys

Finding out what motivates your workers is really important if you want a motivated workforce providing excellent services to your customers. An employee attitude survey (EAS) sends a questionnaire just to your workers asking a set of questions to find out their opinions about working for your organisation. The greatest thing about this is that workers can give their opinions on what is important to them in total confidence.

By understanding what motivates you workers, you will understand what is important to them and using this information to manage your business will help with staff retention and reduce the costs associated with retention.

You can ask questions on pay, working hours, working conditions, opportunities to develop, career progression, what benefits they would prefer within what you can afford, how they view their managers, whether they are supported, etc. All of these things enable you to look at whether there is anything you can do to support your workforce and as long as you are seen to be taking positive actions following an EAS, the process itself will be viewed positively and show that you are an employer who cares.
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Other Surveys

The survey technology we have created can be used for any survey on any subject. All you need is to know what you want to find out and from whom. Web based technology makes surveys quick and simple with the added benefit of fast results.

If you would to discuss our three 60 degree feedback system in more detail or would like to organise a demonstration of the system, please do not hesitate to complete the Contact Us form or call on 0845 873 0373.
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Our three 60 degree feedback system is designed to support existing performance and development initiatives. We believe it compliments online assessments www.cis-assessment.co.uk for social care www.assessonline.co.uk for generic assessments and electronic training needs analysis www.e-tna.co.uk

Three 60 degree feedback is about gathering information about workersí attitude, behaviour and professionalism when providing services. This supports organisations to identify development priorities.

Online assessments are about evidencing the knowledge of workers against identified standards. What they know translates into what they can do and provides evidence towards competence. This also supports organisations to identify development priorities.

Electronic training needs analysis enables effective planning and recording of training activities.

Complete the Contact Us form if there is anything we can help you with.
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